The global cement industry is responsible for around 5% of global CO2 emissions. But given that cement is very difficult to replace, the major global challenge is how to balance increasing global demand with the need to reduce the emissions and energy consumption.



21   /   08   /   2018

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

On August 21 2018, QBIS attended a workshop organised by Finnfund in Helsinki, to present its socioeconomic impact study of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project financed by Vestas, IFU, Norfund and Finnfund. 

10   /   06   /   2018

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

QBIS has been appointed advisor for the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation carrying out studies of transport and logistics costs in developing countries together with the World Economic Forum.

18   /   04   /   2017

Reducing post harvest losses

From April 11-13 2017, QBIS attended a workshop organised by the Global Knowledge Initiative and the Rockefeller Foundation in Bellagio, Italy, to help articulate an innovation agenda for reducing postharvest food losses. 


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