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Client - Maersk

Container Industry

Maersk Container Industry in Chile

2015-2016 (6 months)


Chile needs to diversify its economy away from raw materials and towards more manufacturing, while preserving its competitve advantages in exports of fish and fruits. The study shows how Maersk Container Industry through its USD 300 million green field investment in an advanced container manufacturing plant has the potential to benefit Chile on both these areas.

Client testimony

It has been a pleasure to work with Qbis on the socio-economic impact assessment for our new factory. Both their understanding for the industry and expertise in regards to socio-economic impact assessment were invaluable in making this project a success with results that created a deeper understanding of our impacts – demonstrated or potentials. Qbis’ strong stakeholder engagement skills helped the data gathering phase as well as everyone who was involved in this project felt positive and engaged.

Justine Wicikowski Graff

Maersk Container Industry

Project background

In 2015, Maersk Container Industry’s started operating its new reefer factory in San Antonio in Chile. As the factory is the only reefer container factory outside China, it is expected to be able to reduce costs of repositioning containers and lower transport and logistics in the region. As South American countries have a significant share of global reefer container trade, this cost reduction could potentially improve the regions competitiveness. In addition, the factory is a modern and sophisticated manufacturing plant with huge sourcing demand offering potential for creating new companies and upgrading existing companies. This offers an opportunity for Chile to strengthen its manufacturing sector, which would make its economy more resilient by diversifying its economy away from copper, fruits, fish and wine.  With the purpose of assessing these potential and important socio-economic impacts of the new reefer factory, MCI commissioned this impact study from Qbis. 

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